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Thread: Competitive Counter Strike Global Offensive Guide - CS GO Tips and Tricks

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    I can't use right cntrl either as my right hand is on the mouse, and I can use left cntrl but I have to take my hand off w,s,a,d to do it. I'm 6 ft 2 wear size 15 shoes and even with larger than average hands still can't manage. I went to options controls and can't find anywhere to change key bindings. I thought somebody would just help me because this would be the first game I've ever played that didn't have a way to simply change it from cntrl. Thanks all the same but all keyboards aren't exactly the same. That being said if you can't answer a politely asked question which obviously was asked because I don't care if " with a standard human hand using WASD to move around, ctrl will be in a perfect location to be used with your pinky. So if you can't use that, you're doing something wrong." I am unable to use either. So.... unless I missed your directions on how to change key-bindings then what was your reason for replying? Good day.

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    Losing my faith in humanity, one forum retard at a time.

    Help & options -> Keyboard / Mouse -> the bottom 5 options are keybinds, and then if you scroll down by firmly holding your finger against the scrollwheel on your mouse and moving your finger downwards, you will see the rest of the keybinds as well.

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    Thank you very much for helping me. There was no way I could reach the cntrl key without folding my pinky and using the knuckle, really wasn't working and no crouch isn't an option in cs. I admit I didn't have the common sense to scroll down or I would have found all the bindings. Many thanks and much respect.

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    I was reading reddit and someone raised a point I've been wondering about.

    You recommend 400 dpi with low sens, but doesn't higher dpi translate to not only higher mouse movement speed, but also higher precision/accuracy?
    So by that logic, wouldn't it be better to go for max dpi on the mouse and correspondingly lower my ingame/windows sens to make up for it? Result should be the same speed, but more precision

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    Would be great if the guide could advise how to get it to Work in win8 ... i tried it but it didnt Work the way i would it....

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    I just used the configuration but my question is how do you turn on voice communication because I cant hear my team and it doesnt let me talk.

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    i tried deleting the CSGO and then following the steps... after i verified teh files.. tehre is no CSGO folder now and i cant even launch the game.

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    says "Setup file "gameinfo.txt' doesnt exist in subdirectory 'csgo'. cehck your -game parameter or vconfig settings

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    DISREGAURD my last 2 messages... sorry i didnt notice that CSGO is still downloading LOL! 50% sorry! great advice man

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyanide View Post
    DISREGAURD my last 2 messages... sorry i didnt notice that CSGO is still downloading LOL! 50% sorry! great advice man
    No problem!

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