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  • Netcode Premium is great to help you have the tools to achieve the most in your gaming career. With commentaries, demo reviews, and map setups you will never regret netcode premium.
    — maniaC
  • Netcode premium is great! Caseyfoster and his moneycrew were the tools I needed to get my online gaming career on the right track, I don't know where I would be if I didn't have premium. Thanks Netcode premium!
    — Nigginometry
  • I was skeptical about Premium at first. Shortly after I got it, I started watching the videos that covered the subjects I was weakest on. I saw myself playing the game differently, learning things that had never crossed my mind. If it helped me, it will help you!
    — jdubz
  • I read around the forums for roughly 2 weeks and saw some of the free stuff tips they gave so i just had to get premium and it has greatly helped the way i move my mouse, my computer set up and the way me and my run strats and how to adapt to the unknown.
    — kirby
  • ...Netcode does teach you fundamentals of the game but it also helps keep the css community alive and can produce better players to improve the competitive css scene. Netcode has just made me a better player, end of story.
    — s0mething
  • If you are bad and you want to get good, buy netcode premium. It changed my gaming career and it can change yours too!
    — Real1ty
  • Netcode premium is the wisiest shortcut for any player willing to improve his gaming, you're granted with commentaries and thought's form all the pros around the world. Thus you can download the videos to watch them at any time, like in your ipod!
    — s0Ng!
  • Netcode has a load of videos for you to check out and watch how the pros play. They also have very handy DM tips and tricks that makes sure you're not practicing the wrong way and forming bad habits. After a week or so of premium I can definitely see a lot of improvement in my gameplay.
    — hav
  • Have you ever wondered why top players are so good at what they do? Are you curious what is the difference between your game and pro's? Are you hungry for the best positions, videos of matches commented by proffesional gamers, trips and tricks? Do you really want to take your game to the whole new level? This is the right place to stay in touch with the best and learn from the rest!
    — tgchan
  • i shit on kids cuz i handled premium
    — pac
  • The premium membership is well worth it, especially considering what any singular pro lesson would cost you ~ all the guys are very helpful and quick to respond to your needs ~ with NCi Premium you get multiple in-depth pro lessons and commentary, on an almost daily basis, from all the stars of the game ~ caseyfoster and DaZeD have put together something here, that is very unique ~ as equally important, they have given back to their community ~ it doesn't get more real than this ~ NCi FTW!
    — Smilin' J4CK +}

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